Three Healthy Tips You Should Know about Health Care

This type of service can help you with rehabilitation after medical events like stroke or surgery. It can also help you regain your independence to manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. Imagine if recovery from a serious illness or injury meant receiving skilled care from nurses in the comfort of your own home. That’s what home health is all about

Here are three ways of home health can benefit you and your loved one.

Home health is a bridge between your doctor and home.

Home health is a bridge between your doctor and home

When you choose home health, yourteam – which can include therapists, nurses and social workers – works withyour doctor to create a plan of care designed specifically with your goals andabilities in mind. This care coordination is essential to your progress towardrecovery.  Think of the home health team as the eyes and ears of thedoctor when he or she can’t be there. 

The care is performed in your home.

The care is performed in your home health care plus services discover health plus

 Not only does this allow you tobe comfortable and at ease in a familiar environment, it also allows yourtherapists and care team to see specific challenges you may face in yoursurroundings on a daily basis. This means therapists can work on specificskills, or create workarounds for challenges, if necessary.  In fact, oneof the first things a home health agency will do when you begin treatment isassess your home to determine your needs and goals. 

Care at home could reduce unnecessary hospital visits.

Male Nurse Caring About Patient Reduce unnecessary hospital visits home health care services

 The goal of home health is to helpyou manage your symptoms and recover strength, and your caregivers do thisthrough continued education with you and your loved ones.  This can reducethe likelihood of an exacerbation of your illness or re-injury, which mightlead to a hospital stay. Home health focuses on keeping you as independent andsafe as possible – and out of the hospital. The focus is on reducing medicationerrors, assisting you in regaining strength to lessen the risk of furtherinjuries and helping with balance to decrease your risk of falling.

Home health is different from personal home care assistance. Home health is provided by skilled clinicians and therapists and must be ordered by a doctor. The focus is on managing your injury or illness and has a large therapy component to it. Personal home care assistance is a service that does not have a clinical aspect to it and is designed to assist in everyday tasks you may have trouble completing on your own, such as laundry, meal preparation or light cleaning. 


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